Our promise to you


We maintain a high standard of quality in securing relationships and delivering the needs of both the client and candidate.


We are committed to delivering the best methods and avenues to ensure growth. This is reflected in how we forge relationships with everyone Opus Sterling works with.


Whether with a client, candidate or with our own staff, Opus Sterling is transparent in what we advise or deliver. We work with an open ethic as we are an open company.


We are a results orientated company. Be it in any environment or with any individual, we always aim to deliver the best in the most efficient mode possible.


The strength of our recruitment process lies in judging candidates not only by what they achieved at previous employers, but on what they can achieve for your company.

Hiring specialised IT staff is a difficult task, involving sifting through a saturated field of candidates with varied skills sets which most HR departments don't fully understand. Specialist recruiters at Opus Sterling conduct extensive pre-screening, which also includes technical proficiency tests. We shortlist only the candidates ideally suited to the position.